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  • Estimates / Proposals

    What should I expect?

    Q: Do you give free estimates?

    A: Yes, we'll provide a free estimate.  Please keep in mind that an estimate is our best guess, based on our experience, of what the job will require.  You may instead want a proposal with a fixed price.

    Q: What's the difference between an estimate and a proposal?

    A: An estimate is a ballpark number, based on our experience, of what the job will cost you.  It is NOT an agreed-upon final price.  The final number may go down if we complete the project in less time than originally figured, or it might go up if it takes longer than originally thought.

    A proposal is a fixed-price attached to a job scope, which outlines specifically what the job entails.  It is a number we adhere to unless extraordinary circumstances are encountered that require a change order, agreed to by both you and us.

    For any jobs that require more than 40 man-hours, we require that a signed proposal be in place prior to commencement of work.

  • Are there any jobs too small/too large for you to consider?

    Q: I have a small job that will only take an hour to complete, but I can't do it myself.  Will you do it?

    A: We understand it can be difficult to find someone to do quick but necessary tasks.  Please call us to discuss what you have in mind.  It's more likely than not that we'd be happy to help.

    Q: Are there any jobs that you can't handle?

    A: Definitely.  We don't tackle large hardscape or very large landscape projects that are better left to local companies with big equipment and large staffs.  This way, we don't take forever to complete a project, and we don't have to rent expensive equipment for long periods of time, costs that would be passed on to you.

  • Can you do tree removal?

    A: Please call us to discuss your particular needs.  We will remove trees only in specific circumstances: when safety to people, pets, and structures can be assured.  We can recommend others for your large tree removal needs.

  • I have a long, tall hedge that needs to be pruned. Can you do it?

    A: The size of a hedge we will prune depends not only on the height and length of the plant material, but the accessibility of the hedge.  Can ladders easily be placed where they will be needed to allow for safe pruning?  Are there overhead wires, or fences that may interfere with access?  Generally, we won't prune hedges that require cherry-pickers or man-lifts to provide safe, easy access.

  • Do you remove weeds by spraying or pulling?

    A: We can do both.  We will discuss with you the best approach for your situation.  Spraying is very effective, but leaves unsightly weeds/grass that might later need to be manually removed.  Manual pulling of weeds is safe for all concerned, but is not as effective as spraying.  An advantage to pulling weeds is that they are immediately removed from the landscape.  That should be balanced by the possibility that they may return quickly, especially in Florida where everything (and certainly weeds) grows like a weed.

  • Will you haul away brush, plant material, or other materials from the project?

    A: We don't remove brush, cuttings, plant material, or other materials from the job site.  We are happy to place those materials in trash cans or other appropriate containers for pickup and removal by local or County services.  It's the customer's responsibility to arrange for any special pickup services that may be required by local ordinances.

  • Can you cut my lawn?

    A: We're happy to cut your lawn as long as:

    • There are no stones or rocks in it that could cause damage to equipment, people, or structures;
    • The grass is of a manageable length;
    • We can accomplish the task in less than two hours.


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